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Steven-Seagal dead in murder suicide!

A Steven Seagal, who has a reputation as an extremely angry guy at times, has been found dead in what the police are calling a “murder suicide.” Luckily…
                  …the perp of the murder suicide is not Japan’s homeboy bubba buddha, Steven Seagal, but some other angry guy.

Pair’s deaths a murder suicide
The Detroit News | 2013sep29
Police said Sunday two people found shot to death inside a Wixom apartment Thursday died in a murder suicide and domestic dispute.
Steven-Seagal Quang Ly, 40, and the 25-year-old–manwere found inside the Stone Ridge Apartments complex near Pontiac Trail and Beck roads Thursday morning
Steven-Seagal Ly is a nationalized citizen who had a reputation as an “extremely angry guy at times.”


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2 Responses to “Steven-Seagal dead in murder suicide!”

  1. Coligny (quoted) Says:

    Same family I presume…

  2. Hard To Kill Says:

    Mason Storm: “Well, when I was kid. My father was a missionary. I spent the first 10 years of my life in China. There, I learned how to fight as you could imagine. I remember going to my martial arts teacher.”

    [he imitiates the teacher]

    Mason Storm: “He said, “Why you come to me” and I say, “Ah, to learn how to fight.” And he’s like, “Oh, so you wanna hurt people, but you wanna be great.” I say, “Yeah, I wanna be great. “Then first learn how to heal people to be great, to hurt people is easy.”

    [both looking at each other]

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