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Japan serves Cthulhu?

Don’t tell the “Ancient Ones” and pray the great Cthulhu doesn’t catch wind of this abuse of the Wise Tentacled Elder Gods, but…
squid-dance animated odori-don

seemingly coming back to life when soy sauce is poured atop it. The cephalopod's body lifts up and writhes in the bowl, prompting viewers to ask: Is it really dead?
a seafood dish named odori-don…sometimes prepared with squid and known as the “dancing squid rice bowl” ‘Dancing Squid’ Phenomenon: How Soy Sauce Brings A Dead Creature Back To ‘Life’

Previous 3Yen reports of Cthulhu’s control of the oceans and expansion into the realm of puny human include:
   • Eatin’ lil Cthulhu (3Yen / 2013-03-14)
   • Merry Squid-mas from Japan (3Yen / 2012-12-25)
   • The ‘Man from Planet Squid-aru’ (3Yen / 2011-07-19)
CthulhuAnd of course…
Cthulhu, the evil giant squid, caught on video
    (3Yen / 2007-02-14)


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5 Responses to “Japan serves Cthulhu?”

  1. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Also refer the friend if the 3Yen,The Tokyo Reporter, and his interviews with “inventor” of modern tentacle porn of Japan:
    “Toshio Maeda, master of tentacle violation.”
     tentacle toshio maeda porn creator m0Ar!~

  2. Den4 (via email) Says:

    Who you gonna call?

    Great Cthulhu!


  3. den4 (via email) Says:

    tacofingers tentacle octopus finger bald woman hand

  4. Coligny Says:

    I was in a combini with me Julie few month ago, near the cashier there was the usual warm food stuff, teriaky chicken sticks, steamed buns and a hot water pot with various fishi-soupy-things.

    Then I spot an octopus leg, point my finger toward it, looking at me Julie I start shouting “OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED CTHULLUH!!!

    The poor cashier girl start panicking at the same time me Julie start laughing like a truck driver…

    Should have recorded this… T’was one of the first time she understood one of my -not so funny- jokes…

  5. yummy Yuumi (via email) Says:


    eat-me by Koren-Shadmiembiggen
    eat-me by Koren Shadmi

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