Japan’s new Octo-tank shoots at defeating deflation


Sad-sack Japan has been in a deflationary spiral for two “Lost Decade(s)” with no hope in sight. The current administration of Prime Minister Abe has promoted the idea of Abenomics—a massive expansion of public investment to re-inflate Japan’s Zombie Economy.

In one way to boost inflation, the Japanese Defense Ministry brought out their new “MCV”–Maneuver Combat Vehicle (機動戦闘車 kidou-senntou-sha) at Sagamihara just west of Tokyo today as shown in the photo above.

The MCV, 8.45 m in length and weighs 26 tons (which is half the size and weight of the opposition). It can cruise at over 100kph while firing its autoloading 105mm cannon and it also has a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. Plans are to deploy the MCV in 2016.


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5 thoughts on “Japan’s new Octo-tank shoots at defeating deflation”

  1. I’m really surprised that it don’t have an Mrap V shape lower hull.

    Because… These days… Scouting is for drones and anti tank is for Apache and A10’s…

    These vehicles meanwhile are much more suited against civilian unrest, or domestic counter terrorism (with loads of IEDs) Asymmetric combat where you are against enemy with high mobility/low firepower.

    See this froggy VBC90… It’s written gendarmerie on the side… And previous reglementations had it mandatorily painted deep blue (or Tardis blue if you prefer). The gendarmerie is the regular police force working outside of Paris/big cities. As of today not even remotely linked to the ministry of defense anymore. So it’s basically more or less a crowd control vehicle…


  2. Japan Unveils Highly-mobile Combat Vehicle With 105mm Main Gun
    2013-Oct-11 — Nikkei — Tech-On!
    manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Ltd. It has a high mobility. For example, it can travel on an expressway and can be transported by an aircraft.
    The vehicle is expected to be used for middle-range direct fire in the defense of islets, guerrilla warfare in urban areas, etc. It can fire while moving.
    The Mobile Combat Vehicle is equipped with MHI’s four-cycle water-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power of 570ps (2,100rpm). Its maximum speed is about 100km/h (approx 62.1mph). It measures 8.45 (L) x 2.98 (W) x 2.87m (H) and weighs about 26t.
    The wheels of the first and second axles can be steered. It is designed to carry four crew members (commander, driver, gunner and loader).

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