Christmas ‘Kumamon’ Cake in October?

Christmas in Japan keeps coming earlier and earlier. Over on the Rinkya Blog is news of the 3Yen’s favorite furry, “Kumamon” — the “loose character*” mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture.

christmas-kumukon-cakeChristmas with Kumamoto’s Mascot Bear Kumamon Cake
Rinkya Blog / 2013oct09
Kumamoto prefecture’s popular mascot bear, Kumamon is going to be served as Christmas cakes this year! Daiichiyasei Pan Company is currently taking preorders until October 15thmore


Other dorky Kumamon news on the 3Yen includes:
   • Creepy ‘Kumamon’ mascot gets crazier
         (3Yen / 2013-07-07)
   • Japan’s Guinness record for synchronized dork dancing
         (3Yen / 2013-01-31)
   • Panic disordered characters in the kitchen…
         (3Yen / 2012-11-04)
         panic disordered character in the kitchen

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3 thoughts on “Christmas ‘Kumamon’ Cake in October?”

  1. Just for all you naughty boys, here’s a better and more traditional Japanese Christmas “dessert’ than Kumamon Cake, tee, hee.
    Please insert my photo, ok?

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