Japan’s sexiest sailors

Whether is moe/charming recruiting posters (3Yen 2011-04-13) or In-the-Navy TV commercials (3Yen 2005-12-22), Japan leads the world in the cutest in military recruitment. To prepare for single-left-quotersingle-left-quoterPacific War of Liberation, Version 2.0,single-right-quotersingle-right-quoter the self-defense forces decided that a beauty contest would be the best way to boost enlistments.

Looking Hot in Uniform: Japan Votes for Its Sexiest Sailors
—Contest is a bid to boost recruitment to the nation’s self-defense forces at a time of rising regional tensions—
TIME.com | 2013/oct/10
Amid aggressive territorial demands from China and growing debate over its pacifist constitution, Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force knows just what it needs: a popularity contest. The JMSDF has launched an online contest to pick the most popular male and female member of the naval servicemore
Looking Hot in Uniform_ Japan

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