Fukuppy™ — Fukushima’s new corporate mascot

Perfect for dealing with the negative image revolving arround the continuing Fukushima nuclear disasters, Fukushima Corp. has come up with a new corporate mascot: Fukuppy!

fukushima corporation logo

Prior Art…
Way, waaay, back, the 3Yen (2006-04-03) offered a similarly named item: the Fukucup®.

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7 thoughts on “Fukuppy™ — Fukushima’s new corporate mascot”

  1. What in the name of ever loving fuck did some Gaijin PR team dream up here? This is both hilarious and horrifying! O_O

  2. Fucked Up Puppy? No, Fukuppy is just a mascot lost in translation. (He’s not from Fukushima either)

    Japan Subculture Research Center Oct. 14, 2013
    Fukuppy Q & A

    Q: Where was Fukuppy born?
        I was born in the refrigerator of Mr. Fukushima.

    Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
        I’m still an egg, but I call my self “Boku”. (Editor’s note: which usually is the word for “I” for young boys.)

    Q: Fukuppy, what’s your personality like?
        I love to eat and I’m very curious. I’m gentle but with a strong sense of justice. Some people say I’m a little spacey and absent-minded. But I always am polishing myself to shine bright.

    Q: Fukuppy, what’s your job and your skills set? What do you bring to the table?
        I fly around patrolling the freezers in Supermarkets and showcases with my special wings! I’m proud of them. I can talk to vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and see if they’re healthy. In addition, in order to bring happiness to the world, I have the important job of continuing to give birth to new exciting products–one after another.

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