Shortest Japanese schoolgirl…

The shortest skirts worn by Japanese schoolgirl are found in Kyoto—averaging 27 cm (10½ iinches) above the knee according to this “scientific” study that was broadcast recently on Japanese TV.

Japanese schoolgirl short skirts

When the always-delightful friend of the 3Yen, Yuumi-chan, sent the above TV screenshot to me this morning. She added that the survey was wrong because, “Typically, this is the shortest.” ↓


Other 3Yen reports of short skirts include:
  • Short skirts shown in an effort to make them longer
     (3Yen 2009-02-28)
  • Schoolgirls + snow + short skirts = JAPAN!
     (3Yen 2006-01-14)

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7 thoughts on “Shortest Japanese schoolgirl…”

  1. Turnsl out that’s an ancient photo (2008-ish?) that Danny Choo posted unaware it was not a recent TV show.


  2. Masturbating very furiously….
    ….more furiously…
    HAI. Finish desu. Domo arigatou 3 mon yen desu.

  3. Some days ago, while reading an article in the Ryukyu “Okinawa prefecture report that skirt length of the designated uniform of the junior high and high school students in 20 years became 4~5 centimeter shorter” news report.

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