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Lady Gaga transforms herself into a silicone love doll for the Japanese market

On Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” tour in Tokyo, Sunday, December 1st, she poses for the press with her life-sized, silicone f*ck dolls to promote her promotion of promoting (or something).

lady gaga doll japan

Can robots upstage Lady Gaga in Tokyo?
The Japan Times | 2013/12/01
Lady Gaga, in Japan to promote her new album “Artpop,” was presented Sunday with four life-size dolls resembling her, created using precise anatomical measures and realistic silicone skin
The special state-of-the-art dolls were created by Orient Industry in Tokyo, a company that specializes in synthetic “love dolls.”

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7 Responses to “Lady Gaga transforms herself into a silicone love doll for the Japanese market”

  1. Herp A. Derp via email Says:

    These are much better than that skanky Gaga…

  2. Choko Says:

    You know those doll things came….err, were delivered, “pre-tested.”

  3. someothergaijin Says:

    Gaga backstage prior to American Music Awards.

  4. anothergaijin Says:

    The Gaga then went on Japanese TV as an anime character but was not very welcomed as can be seen in these photos:
    disliked guest gaga lady

  5. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    Hey! I’d buy/abuse one of the these.


  6. Taro Says:

    Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode-13 Omake

  7. Taro Says:

    As a dog that returneth to its vomit, Lady Gaga is back in Japan* this week.

    *"Coverage" by the Daily Mail…
    lady gaga in tokyo narita airport..

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