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The True Spirit of Japanese Christmas


single-left-quotersingle-left-quoterChristmas tree at the Pieri Moriyama Mall—an urban ruin in the making.single-right-quotersingle-right-quoter
cruising-mall logo
—Spotted by @nyoko1998love at the “Biwako Cruising Mall, Pieri Moriyama” in Shiga Prefecture on the shores of Japan’s scenic Lake Biwa.

Via— nyoko@さかちゃげ生誕祭 (@nyoko1998love)’s twitter December 4, 2013

In keeping with the Spirit of Christmas, the Cruising Mall™ offers traditional Japanese Xmas target practice…
Events at Pieri Moriyama – Biwako Cruising Mall

12/21 (Sat) – 22 (Sun), 23 (Holiday) Christmas target practice challenge
Shooting fair nostalgia of old days–Let kids shoot for their favorite gift! ※ Participation is free. ※ I will shoot twice in the shooting of one. ※ The first 100 children of elementary school age or younger are eligible. ■ Venue: 1F Kids Park

Learn more about the, single-left-quotersingle-left-quoterCreepiest mall ever…Shiga Prefecture’s (almost) empty Pieri Moriyamasingle-right-quotersingle-right-quoter at RocketNews24 (Sept. 14, 2013).


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4 Responses to “The True Spirit of Japanese Christmas”

  1. derpus maximus Says:

    “12/21 (Sat) – 22 (Sun), 23 (Holiday), Christmas target practice challenge”

    What kind of Christmas “Holiday” occurs on December 23rd?
    The Fourth Monday of Advent? :-)

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    derpus maximus wrote:
    What kind of Christmas “Holiday” occurs on December 23rd?

    The Emperor’s Birthday (天皇誕生日 Tennō Tanjōbi) is a Japanese national holiday celebrated on December 23rd.’s_Birthday

  3. Y Says:

    A “cruising” mall eh? A few darkrooms might lighten the place up. So to speak.

  4. Coligny quoted Says: Creepiest mall ever…Shiga Prefecture’s (almost) empty Pieri Moriyama

    Hey… I went there…
    (Actually, certainly not… but it looks like every Aeon Mall built here in Aichi Prefecture… They’re all that Matrix Deja Vu level of creepy.)

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