Pornstarfish … in Japan of course

Let me introduce you the pornstar of the Japan’s southernmost seas—the Choriaster granulatus. Thanks to the wonders of goofy Google Translate:

“Kawatebukuro” — Doughboy starfish
(diameter about 20cm)
The Kawatebukuro
(Kawatebukuro)starfish that live in coral reefs and sandy tropical waters.
Difference (coral food often) and starfish other, it seems mainly eat the microorganisms of the seabed.
It is the starfish still when viewed from the back side.
doughboy starfish  Granular Sea Star cushion seastar

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4 thoughts on “Pornstarfish … in Japan of course”

  1. Years later, the Japanese twittersphere has exploded with this…

    A translation of the sign shown in the right photo reads:
    left_super long-quotebar 24x360Granulated Sea Star
    This is one kind of starfish. People all over the world can’t help but say it looks like this or that, but those of us here can’t bring ourselves to touch it and find out. So we’ll just leave you with this bland comment: Wouldn’t it be fun if they made a stuffed animal of it!

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