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Santa sex with a shark…in Japan of course

…Santa Claus…embraces a Zebra shark as he* swims with fish inside the Sunshine International Aquarium in Tokyo
Gawker / 2013dec11


*Note that the Santa who is embracing the shark is a female staff member (3Yen / 2007-12-17) of Sunshine Aquarium wearing heavy waterproof makeup.
She is cross-dressing as Santa Claus in the true spirit of Japanese Christmas (3Yen / 2013-12-05) as you can see in the close-ups of her.

girl santa japan underwater


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5 Responses to “Santa sex with a shark…in Japan of course”

  1. Coligny quoted Says:

    bearded wimin !?

  2. Taro Says:

    Coligny wrote:
    bearded wimin !?

    Or Japanese guys wearing thick mascara and rouge. Take your pick.

  3. Mike Armstrong Says:

    Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. Because they inherently look like mutts, it’s true that many Japanese young women are doing ‘the dog’ with their K-9 friends with benefits!

  4. den4 Says:

    gives new meaning to sleeping with the fishes….. :P

  5. MaxGetSmart Says:

    Younger tiger sharks are found to prey largely on smaller fish as well as a variety of small jellyfish, fun cephalopods and other kinky mollusks. Around the time they attain 2.3 m (7.5 ft), or near sexual maturity, their prey selection expands considerably and much larger anima1s become regu1ar prey.

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