No one’s got moves like Steven Seagal except…

Master of the martial arts and Japan homeboy*, Steven Seagal, is featured in triplicate in this exclusive clip looking behind the scenes of the fight scenes from his newest Direct-to-DVD masterpiece “Force of Execution” released on December 17.

Click to play.

No one’s got moves like Seagal in ‘Force of Execution’
USA TODAY — 2013/dec/17
Steven Seagal…working with other actors to choreograph movements and techniques. He works with one guy, rehearsing a strike to his neck with an arm and saying, “In reality, I cut people’s heads off.”

Actually, "No one’s got moves like Seagal" except those two stand-ins waiting behind him ready to double for all his action and running for him. Check out the three Steven Seagals lined up in a row in the middle point of the video clip.


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9 thoughts on “No one’s got moves like Steven Seagal except…”

  1. She-e-e-it, it’s a Holy Trinity of Steven Seagals for the Season of Christmas!

  2. ThisIsNotAPenDesu wrote:
    Don’t miss the hilarious “Hoarders” starring the man, the myth and the legend himself.

    You just knew that The Seagal had to be into hinky things like this

    my octopus is dirty
    quoter leftmy octopus is dirtyquoter right

  3. quoter leftNo one’s got moves like Steven Seagal except..quoter right

    …Steven Seagull?

    Steven Seagal seagull

  4. Speaking of slick “moves”…

    Steven Seagal mulls run for Arizona Governor | Saturday, January 4, 2014
    The flamboyant actor and martial arts expert tells ABC15 he’s considering a run for the Arizona governor’s office.
    Seagal says he’s had discussions with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio {racist butt-sucker} about the prospective bid, but has other priorities to consider…
    …According to Seagal, the number one problem facing the U.S. is its open borders.
    He also came to the defense of Sheriff Arpaio, as well the prospect of extending amnesty to undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

  5. Actor Steven Seagal claims Liam Neeson ‘can’t fight like real action movie guys’ / 03 June 2014
    Seagal, best remembered for his roles in Under Siege and The Patriot, made a dig at Neeson saying, “Liam’s not an action movie guy at all.“
    Seagal (62) said that while Neeson (61) is a great dramatic actor, he is not a great fighter or warrior.
    The fading movie star said that new technologies in the movie industry have reduced the need for authentic action heroes like himself:
    “People don’t have to be an action guy or a hero or a martial artist- they get up there and let everybody spend the money and the time with special effects.”
    Neeson…keeps fit and healthy with regular boxing sessions, having taken up the sport at the age of nine.
    Neeson was once Ulster amateur boxing champion, and competed in almost 50 fights.

  6. Movie star Steven Seagal tells of briefs encounter when Scots fans threw knickers at him
    –MARTIAL arts maestro is back on road with his blues band and set to play The Ferry in Glasgow next week.–
    Daily Record / July 12, 2014
    TOUGH guy movie star Steven Seagal says he’s ready to return to the venue where female Scots fans threw their knickers at him.
    The Hollywood movie superstar is back on the road with his blues band and is lined up to play a gig at The Ferry in Glasgow.
    Seagal, 62, last played the venue in 2007 and received a surprise underwear attack.
    He said: “Panties were thrown on stage. That was OK. If the girls want to throw their panties, that’s fine. I’m honoured and grateful that the fine women of Glasgow would want to thrown their panties at me.
    “As long as they’re not triple X porno panties or anything too exotic, I can handle it."
    panty tales seagal

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