M.I.A. — ‘Awesome’ Japanese science fiction postage stamps

Yesterday, io9.com featured Awesome science fiction postage stamps from around the world claiming that: single-left-quotersingle-left-quoterart on all these stamps is so bizarro.single-right-quotersingle-right-quoter
Obviously, io9.com doesn’t have as clue about what’s really “bizarro” …
They didn’t include any Japanese science fiction postage stamps in their so-called single-left-quoterawesomesingle-right-quoter stamps from single-left-quoteraround the world,single-right-quoter sheesh.


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5 thoughts on “M.I.A. — ‘Awesome’ Japanese science fiction postage stamps”

  1. MoAr!~


    SHONEN SUNDAY Magazine, 1969
    “This vision of the future, ominously entitled “The Rise of the Computerized School”, was illustrated by Shigeru Komatsuzaki for an article in a 1969 Shonen Sunday magazine. The “Computopia” feature predicted that by 1989 our lives would be equal parts carefree and terrifying thanks to the pervasiveness of computers, telecommuting teachers, and pugilistic enforcer robots.”

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