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A whitewashed artiste


Beautiful photo of Japanese shironuri* artist Minori
RT @cute_minori || — Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) 2013Dec21

The above photo is part of are Minori’s latest Nature Series, “Rock”. According to her blog (Google Translate) told the photographer Takazawa Teppei that, ‘I have a funny rock, so why not try to make that work?’ Minori in her blog went on to explain…
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I think the history of a rock is like the history of a person.
While still in the magma state do not know its own shape—magma just swallows many things while flowing.
Then it slows and hardens rapidly.
As it continues to be, you become a big lump soon.
As a lump you are similar to the soul, to have thought of yourself, pride, a belief mass

M * VoyageStrength” (left) and M * VoyageRock” (right)
Photographer, Teppei Takazawa

*:Learn more about the Goth-Lolita spinoff subculture-cum-fashion of shironuri at:


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7 Responses to “A whitewashed artiste”

  1. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    What the fcuk is up with her leg?!


  2. Dr Evil Says:

    “You forget, Scott, that we’re inside a volcanooooo. We’re surrounded by liquid hot magma.”

  3. Coligny quoted Says:

    3Yen wrote:
    Beautiful photo of Japanese shironuri artist Minori

    Let me offer you a dictionary for christmas… And beat you on your bald head with it…
    (Or you can put your doctor x mask and we can start a lineup of literary-boudoir SM cosplay pr0n pay per view)

    FFS that thing look a reanimated still birth fetus..

  4. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Coligny wrote:
    you can put your doctor x mask and we can start a lineup of literary-boudoir SM cosplay pr0n pay per view

    Ok. Merry Lucha Christmas!!

  5. derpus maximus Says:

    Do you really think that’s a “Beautiful photo of Japanese shironuri artist Minori” on the rocks at the beach?

    Or, did a a bunch of seagulls just poop on her?

  6. Touya Says:

    I respect Minori a lot (she’s an inspiration). She’s become a unique figure, just doing what makes her very happy.

    Beauty is different to everyone, and it should be a simple understood fact.

  7. Taro Says:

    Whiteface is the new blackface.

    Kin Town Eisa Matsuri: 3 Motion GIFs
    Ryukyu Life: Sunday, August 3, 2014

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