Ho, ho, ho! Japan’s Prime Minister ‘Santa’ Abe brings gifts

Ho, ho, ho! Abe Santa brings inflationary* gifts for everyone!

サンタクロースは / 資本主義の手下 / で、あってほしくないね。
281_AntiNuke (@281_)’s twitter Dec. 24, 2013

*PM Abe’s glow-in-the-dark gifts are intended to be “inflationary” as it is the stated policy of “Abenomics” (Wiki) to jumpstart the Japanese economy by increasing government spending for the military and for public works such as fixing TEPCO Corporation’s nuclear plant meltdown in Fukushima.

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5 thoughts on “Ho, ho, ho! Japan’s Prime Minister ‘Santa’ Abe brings gifts”

  1. …aaaaaannnnd the sushi conveyor belt society keeps going around and around and around.

  2. Other great Japanese Christmases…

    Christmas 1926: Emperor Yoshihito of Japan dies of a heart attack, brought on by pneumonia. He was only 47. He is succeeded by his son, who becomes Emperor Hirohito.

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