no-ski slope

Kim Jong Un Visits Ski Resort on Masik Pass #NorthKorea via @KCNAWatch— NK NEWS (@nknewsorg)’s twitter December 30, 2013

“Why?” you might ask am reporting about North Korea on a Japanese blog. Simple. It’s personal.
As I have written before, Best Korea thinks that am the best target for their Taepodong missiles! While I was on a beach vacation in the north of Japan’s Tohoku region back in August 1998, Korea shot a missile that passed overhead and missed landing in Japan by 150km.

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  1. “This is the first step of what a more open North Korea would be one day,” said Lombardi, director of the Global Economy program at the Center for International Governance Innovation, based in Ontario, Canada.

  2. The North Korean government decreased public distribution system (“PDS”) rations to 150 grams in 1994 and to as low as 30 grams by 1997. It was further reported that the PDS failed to provide any food from April to August 1998 (the “lean” season) as well as from March to June 1999. In January 1998, the North Korean government publicly announced that the PDS would no longer distribute rations and that families needed to somehow procure their own food supplies. By 2005 the PDS was only supplying households with approximately one half of an absolute minimum caloric need.

  3. Kay Nine wrote:
    Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs

    North Korea Dog Execution Story Started as a Social Media Joke | Jan. 6 2014
    That ultraviral story from last week that I and many other were skeptical of involving Kim Jong-un feeding his uncle to a pack of ravenous dogs appears to have originated as a satireon the Chinese microblogging site Tencent Weibo.
    Blogger Trevor Powell located the original post, which was included in the reporting of the Hong Kong-based newspaper Wen Wei Po. As Powell notes, the account that posted the original story “features a background image of cartoon Kim Jongun giving the middle finger to his people from a balcony while flanked by senior officers. Kim-gives-the-bird-..
    So basically we seem to be talking about the Chinese version of @KimJongNumberUn. The claim was then re-reported in English by the Singapore-based Straits Times, and from there it was off to the races.

  4. Fact: Dennis Rodman has a computational geopolitics doctorate from Oxford under an assumed name. He has been secretly working for the CIA for the past 18 years. Getting Kim Jong Un drunk and subliminally suggesting the execution of his uncle was merely the first step in engineering the regime’s downfall. To complete his eccentric disguise, he sometimes goes full retard during international news interviews and channels “Macho Man” Randy Savage:

  5. Forever Alone Guy wrote:
    I’m So Ronery!

    quoter leftI am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself.quoter right
                      Warsan Shire

  6. mystery-limo
    Is that a stretched Mercobenz S-Class in the back?

    It could be Best Korea’s own special stretch barge produced by Pyeonghwa, called the "Junma," which is a rebadged version of the South Korean SsangYong’s "Chairman H."

    The Chairman/Junma bears a strong resemblance to Mercedes-Benz S-class because SsangYong (70% owned by the Unification Church) has a joint venture and licenses with Mercedes-Benz in South Korea. Then again, the tailights of the mystery limo don’t match the Junma so it could just be a regular stretch Benz with Pyeonghwa badges on it for the Great Glory of Juche.

    best korea junma limo dprk north korean car

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