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In two papers ( (, Yoshifumi Hyakutake of Ibaraki University in Japan and his colleagues now provide, if not an actual proof, at least compelling evidence to the truth of Maldacena’s Conjecture1—that is, that our universe is holographic2.

Figures that it would be Japanese scientists that would find some possibilities that we’re living in a hologram Matrix…

what-if I told you matrix..


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One thought on “Matrixed”

  1. What separates an advanced society of mechanical organisms like in the movie the Matrix from our pathetic society of biological organisms is that a mechanical society is aware of – and thus able to modify – every aspect, even the tiniest – of its workings.

    Biological organisms are far too complex (and illogical) in how they’re built. And we understand far, far too little about how they work to be able to mess with them to any degree. Our hardware and software development goes back billions of years before our knowledge of it, and we have to reverse-engineer billions of years of evolution.

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