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Training ‘em young in Japan

The social webs in Japan are all a twitter about this kids show called “Mi-buri TV” on the Yokohama public TV station, TVK—Note the “I LOVE COCK” and “PUSSY” signs on the instructors’ costumes.


UPDATE: The next morning all the videos were pulled by the production company. Saaa, no fun.
of The I-Love-Cock “action” starts at the 0:30 point of the Youtube.

“Move in Gestures – MIBURI TV” is a children’s dance program being broadcast at 6:45 in the morning hosted by Sasuga Minami, one of Japan’s most famous choreographers (and who is wearing the “I LOVE COCK” and “PUSSY” clothing).

Right now various groups of foreign mothers in Japan are in outrage on Facebook–They are banding together to complain to the executive producers of the show.

The official site of “MIBURI TV” is at:…


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11 Responses to “Training ‘em young in Japan”

  1. MARKed TRAIL Says:

    I like the official explanation/mission statement of the TV program:

    Let’s Bring Up Future Adults Together Through Dancing!

  2. Y quoted Says:

    Due to the thematic consistency of the messages on that one outfit, it’s probably fair to assume that whoever sewed those patches on there knew exactly what they were doing. Although it’s probably due to one person (the woman in the outfit? her stylist?). Somebody knew what they were doing.

  3. Taro Says:

    I kind of feel sorry for Sasuga Minami, the lady wearing the I-LOVE-COCK clothes. She actually does a good job as an instructor on the the public TV show and is only having a bit of fun. As a famous choreographer* of pop groups with international reach like PUFFY, she is well aware that the English is a bit over the top—Maybe the costume is the fault of the, “BAS LOVE SPONSORS“.


    *Refer to:

  4. R Says:

    Upon close investigation, I am not that surprised.
    The program has four sections.


    2. Learn about your body. Chiei Minemura, a manipulative trainer,
    teaches us how our bodies work.


    Then again, it is quite possible that Sasuga Minami just loves roosters and cats…

  5. ReptileParty Animals Says:

    Great 1dea! I shall try to wear that ‘Kanagawani’—TVK’s mascot—at our next rept1le party.

  6. quoted Says: writes:
    Japanese children's show talent of みぶりてぶり has a costume that has patches that say “I Love Cock”, “Fuck Yeah” and “Pussy”. Seriously the trippiest thing I've seen in ages.Cool/Wacky Japan (

  7. Taro Says:

    By this morning, all the videos were pulled by the production company without explanation/apology. Saaa, smart, but no fun. :-/

    The only couple of Youtube videos of the show remain including this one with possible double entendre (but I’m too gaijin/alien to understand it).


  8. Taro Says:

    ReptileParty Animals wrote:
    I shall try to wear that ‘Kanagawani’—TVK’s mascot—at our next rept1le party.

    TVK’s mascot, “Kanagawani” is:
    kanagawani mascot

    quotingLEFTy_12x15An alligator that is said to be able to 'make wishes come true for the people it bites'. The guests will, in essence, perform 'Kamidanomi' (which usually means 'to pray', but in this case, the Japanese character for 'kami'.quotingRIGHty_12x15
    [via BARKS News]

  9. natalienatalie Says:

    Maybe 1t was purchased at a r∈sale shοp.

  10. Taro Says:

    Natalie wrote:
    Maybe it was purchased at a r∈sale shοp.

    Maybe the FUCK/PUSSY/LOVE-COCK clothing was purchased at a shop for circus clowns. (´・ω・`)


  11. Taro Says:

    Mo’ betta…


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