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Sony’s most captivating product since the Walkman!

After decades of struggle for break-out hit to match the Walkman, Sony has finally locked down an hardware category…for prisons.

The ‘iPod of Prison’:
What makes this Sony radio an instant classic behind bars?

The Independent | 17 January 2014
there’s one demographic with whom the Japanese company is still incredibly popular: American prisoners.
This is all thanks to an AM/FM radio built especially for the market. Known in typically utilitarian Sony-speak as the SRF-39FP (the FP stands for ‘Federal Prison’) the radio was first released fifteen years ago but remains a firm favourite to this daymore...


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5 Responses to “Sony’s most captivating product since the Walkman!”

  1. Coligny Says:

    The SRF-39FP is like viagra for prepper…

    Also the prisoner culture/population in the US seems a bit out of hand…

  2. IPU quoted Says:

    “Also the prisoner culture/population in the US seems a bit out of hand…”

    It’s controlled to be that way… Makes lots of money for some people.

  3. Coligny Says:

    “Makes lots of money for some people.”

    Well… Sony for a start…

  4. IPU Says:

    Well… Sony for a start…

    The crazy thing is if you get rolled up and sent to solitary, you loose all your commissary (except basic hygiene stuffs but are limited to one each) and you have to go buy it again when you can get money on your books again.

    So guys would buy TVs and Walkmans a few times a year.

  5. GGramps Says:

    It’s job creation. Sony would be bankrupt by now if it wasn’t for the US crime rate.

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