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Japan ‘REFORM’

Everyday I get a chuckle as I walk by this sign advertising this business for reforming gorillas.

gorilla reform sign

red-green-gorilla_aniGorilla ReFORM home remodeling shop
(Google Translate) The origin of the shop name…has no deep meaning so much, but the sound was good. I felt “Gorilla ReFORM” to be a name that is familiar and charming. “Gorillali‑kun” (R) is our company mascot. →

Oddly, this is not the only business in Japan that reforms gorillas. There was also the “REFORM GORILLA” shop in Hiroshima (Google Translate)

Reform Gorilla has great reform stories…

I walk by a several different signs advertising “REFORM” every week and wonder howtheflyingfuck did the Japanese decide that English “reform” (katakana-reform rifomu) should mean to remodel / renovation or to alter clothing—Mysteries.


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3 Responses to “Japan ‘REFORM’”

  1. IPU Says:

    The only reform Japan needs is a government reform. They need to tear down these ant farm cities and redo the whole lot.

  2. C quoted Says:

    Not the worst abuse of language I’ve seen here, reminds me though of one I saw called City Reform. Of course the katakana version was quite amusing….. シティリフォーム
    [pronounced in Japanese "Shiti Rifomu" or Shitty Reform]

  3. Taro Says:

    City Reform…in Japanese “Shiti Rifomu” or Shitty Reform

    I like this apartment building name “シティハウス” in Japanese pronunciation ‘Shiti Housu’ or Shitty House.


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