Japan ‘REFORM’

Everyday I get a chuckle as I walk by this sign advertising this business for reforming gorillas.

gorilla reform sign

red-green-gorilla_aniGorilla ReFORM home remodeling shop
(Google Translate) The origin of the shop name…has no deep meaning so much, but the sound was good. I felt “Gorilla ReFORM” to be a name that is familiar and charming. “Gorillali‑kun” (R) is our company mascot. →

Oddly, this is not the only business in Japan that reforms gorillas. There was also the “REFORM GORILLA” shop in Hiroshima (Google Translate)

Reform Gorilla has great reform stories…

I walk by a several different signs advertising “REFORM” every week and wonder howtheflyingfuck did the Japanese decide that English “reform” (katakana-reform rifomu) should mean to remodel / renovation or to alter clothing—Mysteries.

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3 thoughts on “Japan ‘REFORM’”

  1. The only reform Japan needs is a government reform. They need to tear down these ant farm cities and redo the whole lot.

  2. Not the worst abuse of language I’ve seen here, reminds me though of one I saw called City Reform. Of course the katakana version was quite amusing….. シティリフォーム
    [pronounced in Japanese “Shiti Rifomu” or Shitty Reform]

  3. City Reform…in Japanese “Shiti Rifomu” or Shitty Reform

    I like this apartment building name “シティハウス” in Japanese pronunciation ‘Shiti Housu’ or Shitty House.


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