said-openA man wearing a Nazi flag as a cape leads a racist march in the Tokyo-area suburbs of Nishi-Kawaguchi and Warabi, 1/19/2013.said-closed—Natsuki Kimura’s Flickr

said-openXenophobia on rise in #Japan. Far-right activist draped in swastika flag marches through Warabi, Saitama pref. – Thoton News Japan (@Thoton)’s twitter January 19, 2014

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10 thoughts on “nipponeonazis!”

  1. Look at the bright side…at least the banners say 外国人 instead of just 外人. I call that progress!

  2. choko wrote:
    …at least the banners say 外国人 instead of just 外人.

    Yeah, calling me a 外国人 gaikokujin (foreign national) rather rather 外人 gaijin (foreigner) is soooo much better.

  3. Marchers in Ikebukuro fete Hitler’s 125th birthday anniversary | KUCHIKOMI | Apr. 25, 2014
    A group of demonstrators paraded through Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district last Sunday, criticizing China and South Korea while advocating the restoration of the “Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” proposed by Japan in the 1940s
    demonstration was organized by an organization that calls itself the “Gokoku Shishi no Kai” (Group of Warriors Protecting the Nation). They assembled in a small park in East Ikebukuro, the location of the gallows in the former Sugamo Prison, where former Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and six other Class A war criminals were executed by hanging in December 1948.
    “To keep the achievements of our illustrious predecessors from going to waste, we advocate the restoration of the Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, minus participation by China and the two Koreas,” one of the organizers told the assembled demonstrators. Referring to the date as coinciding with the 125th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, he also noted that “The empire of Japan and Nazi Germany have been portrayed as villains, and in Germany glorifying the Nazis will get a person jailed. We would like to re-investigate the 1993 Kono Statement and Nazi Germany as well, to rehabilitate their good acts and restore their honor.”
    When asked to name the Nazis’ good acts, the speaker was able to come up with the autobahn, but not much else.
    Approximately 40 marchers, who also carried the flags of Tibet and the Taiwan Independence Party, chanted slogans such as “Let’s tie up with Asia, excepting ‘Shina’ (China) and ‘Chosen’ (Koreans),” “Japan should learn from the Nazis’ good points” and “Long live the Chancellor (Hitler)!”

  4. A swastika is literally where the chi comes from. Those who have achieved supernormal capabilities can see that it is spinning. It is a miniature, spinning universe that looks like a swastika.

    The Falun swastika is an intelligent being consisting of high-energy substances. It transforms Gong (cultivation energy) automatically and it does not exist in our dimension. It can only be said that the color of a Falun is golden yellow. This color does not exist in our dimension.

  5. xDDD my fav new japanese word is (manji). Lets all use together!!!


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