Furry fashion monster

Today at my local pharmacist, I ran into this furry fashion monster who was feeling ill but willing to wear short-shorts in the 10 degree weather.
fashion-monster japanese girl


Pedobear hat (1)
Dinosaur hoodie (2)
Fox Tail (3)
Fluffy Faux Snow Leopard Fur Boot Sleeves (4)
Fake UGG booties in dark African leopard print (5)
Plus the pièce de résistance, a Domo-kun inspired surgical mask (see below ↓)
Furry fun fashion monster?

• See close-ups of the fashion monster’s fun for furries are in the Comments section.
Bonus points: Can you guess her age and what illness she is being treated for?

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Pedobear triptic

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18 thoughts on “Furry fashion monster”

  1. baba bimbo
    Coligny wrote:
    That’s a man ? No ?

    It’s a female: I peeked at her chart.
    Can anybody guess her age and illness?

  2. Impressive bag of medication she has there. About right for a sore throat perhaps? Or an STD.

  3. Wage Slave wrote:
    Impressive bag of medication she has there. About right for a sore throat perhaps? Or an STD.

    ピンポン PIN-PON BINGO!
    She was at my urologist just before so I was able to stretch around and look at the doctor’s screen to read her chart: “Gram-negative intracellular diplococci are present” (aka gonorrhea).

  4. fapgaijinfap wrote:
    I have a very strange boner now.

    Really? Does gonorrhea give you a boner?

    (Or, is it because of the cute Japanese girl in Pedobear drag?)
    Buy on Amazon.

  5.  dino-hoodie 


    If you look real close and slowly back away, you can see a ’57 Chevy on her Autostereogram hoodie.

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