Moby Dick’s reign of terror in Tokyo ends!

Loose translation of TakagiSota‘s twitter:
said-openDuring the recent draining and cleaning of Tokyo’s Inokashira Pond, a giant carp called ‘Moby Dick’ has been finally captured. Moby has been frightening visitors for years slurping at car tires and small Shiba dogs. Finally the pond will be at peace.said-closed icon_rolleyes2


(水抜き中の井の頭池「モビーディック」と呼ばれてた巨大鯉がついに捕獲された。車のタイヤや柴犬を丸呑みにする恐ろしい奴だった。これで池も平和になる。– 高木壮太 (@TakagiSota) January 26, 2014)

According to RocketNews24, said-openthe Parks Department began draining Inokashira Pond as part of an effort to remove harmful non-native fish, such as bluegill, that have been introduced to the body of water …[and]…in just a single day, more than 50 twisted, rusted, abandoned bicycles were pulled from the pond …[but]… the lake could still be concealing around 150 more bicycles. said-closed


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7 thoughts on “Moby Dick’s reign of terror in Tokyo ends!”

  1. That top photo has been doing the rounds on social media. It has to be ‘shopped. Seriously.

    I hope they get all the bikes out – and locates the original owners via the registration numbers. Who dumps a bike in a lake? That is just wrong. So many other options for disposing of things you don’t want – most of them free.

  2. GG wrote:
    Who dumps a bike in a lake?

    The gaijin who stole it? ⁞⁝•ֱ̀␣̍•́⁝⁞

  3. GG wrote:
    Who dumps a bike in a lake?

    Y wrote:
    The gaijin who stole it?

    Yeah, my thought too. To be fair, it could well have been one of the Japanese bike thieves that taught said Gaijin how to quickly and easily steal bikes that might have been the culprit, so there’s no real need to make it a Foreign Crime!!!!!!! issue….

  4. Nothing…neither hearth, and highway and jackbooted thuggies with flaying arms can prevent a salient person from looking for counter-sexual beef-hormones. Well, we’ll have none of it!

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