The only Japanese word you need to understand is ‘UNKO’

One of our long-time readers, “Johnny Yen” thoughtfully writes to us:

said-openOne will benefit from carefully studying this website on how to take a poop in Japanese.said-closed*

The only Japanese word you need to understand this video is UNKO (poop)!

Official Japanese website (machine translation)
The short video above is a promo for the launch of Japanese children’s’ book “Shiritori Unko (Endless Poop)”:
quoter leftShiritori Shit that follows shit ♪ …… endless poop ♪ Confucius puppy. Let Dashikiro this shit to get! quoter right

Book title: “Shiritori Unko” ISBN: 9784592761662 Price: 838 yen + tax
Official Japanese website: (Google Translate)

Also check out the previous 3Yen report:

How to poop Japanese. (3Yen / 2010-07-12 )
how to poop in Japan

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9 thoughts on “The only Japanese word you need to understand is ‘UNKO’”

  1. They actually sell a “How To Take A Shit” manual. Why am I not surprised?

  2. It’s the Nitrogen Cycle for Japanese preschoolers with song-&-dance. Hey?! What could you ask for more than to know what the hell “tupera tupera” means?

  3. This is why I only use free range Lithuaian goat poop toothpaste.

  4. Can imagine the whole “Doohats” lineup featuring “Doowhiz,” “Doo Zero,” “Otona no Doo” and “Asshats”

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