Japanese ‘facials’ for everybody at Osaka station

I would love to see how this new facial ID system handles all the outliers* such as the 10-to-20% of the Japanese population who wear surgical masks during both the winter flu season and the 4-to-6 month long pollen season.

Facial ID tech to be set at Osaka station
The Yomiuri Shimbun | January 30, 2014
The station, which serves 820,000 passengers per day, is scheduled to be the stage of an unusually large study on tracking location data using facial-recognition technology
Each camera is to photograph people’s faces within a three-square-meter area, and assign each face an ID based on its characteristics.
When a person is recognized by another camera, the time and location will be recorded. Each person’s behavior will then be tracked for one weekmore...

Outliers ”Я” Us : I am one of these outliers for facial recognition. Whenever I go to work at the Japanese R&D center of Toshiba and I try to walking in on crutches wearing a hoodie, their automatic entry authorization camera system fails to recognize my face or that I’m a human.
WARNING, WARNING: Quadruped alien identified.
quadruped alien indentified

I know, I know…Cool story, bro.(meme)


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5 thoughts on “Japanese ‘facials’ for everybody at Osaka station”

  1. “An NICT official said the institute wants to better understand the movement of people to help improve evacuation instructions during disasters.”

    Riiiiiiight… Sounds almost as good as “killing whales for scientific research” does. O_o

  2. Kuso/BULLSHIT!
    As computer science grad I can say that NICT is lying about the effectiveness. Facial recognition software is just not very good. Once you throw in that people wear hats and scarves, the recognition rate is damn crappy.

  3. big-brother-abeGovernment tech lab shelves launch of video tracking at JR Osaka
    Japan Times (KYODO) March 12, 2014
    OSAKA – A government technology laboratory said Tuesday it has delayed the launch of a video-tracking program to monitor passers-by at a major train station — originally scheduled to begin in April — due to “voices of concern” raised by citizens
    The institute said it would process the video data on people in such a way as to make it impossible to identify individuals, but a civic group voiced opposition, citing privacy concerns


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