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The Namahage orges prepare to invade Tokyu Department Store in Kichijoji, Tokyo for the Northeast Festival on February 2 (store details).

The Namahage. Northeast Festival @ Kichijoji, Tokyu Department store, in Tokyo.ナマハゲもいたよ。東北祭り@吉祥寺東急 pic.twitter.com/0B6QqKfvWd 江口寿史 (@Eguchinn)’s twitter February 1, 2014

The Namahage ogres visit to expel laziness in young children scaring them as they visit to the house in this is a traditional Japanese New Year’s folk event.
In the Tohoku region—the northeast of Japan—Namahage ogres visit homes during the Lunar (Chinese) New Year’s, which generally happens around February during the agricultural off-season. These ogres go from door to door frightening kids and admonishing them for their laziness as you can see below.

Sadly, nowadays the Namahage are mostly for tourists such as this event at Tokyu Department Store in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

Learn more at: wikipedia.org/wiki/Namahage

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  1. There was a dead fish head on a stick hanging from my mailbox today. My father-in-law said it wuz normal, seems this, that devil, beans and sushi roll gobbling are today’s superstitious gimmick…

  2. Setsubun,_hiragi_iwashi

    The more I get to know mom-in-law, the less I understand where she find the patience to deal with this shit…

  3. Still trying to work out what the severed horse head-on-a-stick was doing outside my front door, maybe it’s a regional thing.

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