Japanese eyeball coffee

Now here’s a morning eye opener!

‘Den4′, the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large writes:

Mr. Medama Oyaji* now in coffee cup?

eyeball coffee yum

*Medama Oyaji (目玉のおやじ, or 目玉親父, lit. “Eyeball Father”), a character from GeGeGe no Kitaro (lit. “Kitaro (of the) Graveyard” English title ‘Spooky Kitaro’). In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, he is referred to as Daddy Eyeball.

Previous 3Yen reports of Mr. Medama Oyaji and other Japanese eyeballs include:
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8 thoughts on “Japanese eyeball coffee”

  1. A giggling Japanese schoolgirl all of a sudden transforms into a sparkling, rainbow colored, hermaphrodite unicorn with many tentacle arms when you’re just about ready to go off thanks to hyena hi-jinx.

  2. Fun…Offered at Shigeru Mizuki’s Ghost Road
    A Rinkya Blog | 2014may12
    [The Medama Oyaji Train can be taken] From Yonago (米子) station of Tottori Prefecture, it’s about 50 minutes ride by JR. From Yonago Airport, about 15 minutes by JR. It’d be pretty easy to spot a Mizuki Shigeru [EYEBALL] train like this

  3. A Super Famous Ghost of Japan! ‘Daddy Eyeball’?
    What really annoys me is that OtakuMode (below) sells kaomoji-kun items as kaomoji-kun kaomoji-kun
    but for Medama Oyaji, it’s Daddy Eyeball daddy-eyeball
    …That sounds so lame in engrish…. :/


    Daddy Eyeball Comic Book T-Shirt
    otakumode.com/shop US $ 29.99
    Daddy Eyeball is the father of the protagonist of Shigeru Mizuki’s classic 1960s manga, GeGeGe no Kitaro. This cool T-shirt …tells you something of his story in true American comic book style. Reading from left to right – whoops! Daddy Eyeball didn’t properly die! He used to be a normal ghost but became ill and died only to be reincarnated as an anthropomorphised version of his own eyeball! ...more...

  4. Ok, ok I will admit it that I just pissed in my coffee cup because I was stuck for 2 hours on a live conference call in my office.
    Now I’m going to walk down the hall to empty it in the bathroom. If I get stopped on the way, I’ll have to decide if I want to sip it to keep up appearances. Gee, do you think I can make it without interruption?

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