Snowmageddon Tokyo!

Right now Tokyo is in the throes of Snowmageddon. Twelve to 18 cm (5-7 inches) of snow has fallen today, which is the most snow in past 16 years. It’s still coming down hard and will continue until midday tomorrow. Even my webcam is snowed in, ha, ha.


The Japanese caption reads:
quoter leftMy pain-in-the-ass bother lives upstairs.quoter right

弟が二階に住んでる人嫌いだからって いくらなんでもこれは……w — ちえもけけ (@0225cemkk)
February 8, 2014


–WWNews Feb. 8, 2014 continues

The Bigger Question is:
Do snowmen in Japan only have two segments because Japanese people have such short legs?
Refer to: Yukidaruma, the Japanese snowman.

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8 thoughts on “Snowmageddon Tokyo!”

  1. Sendai had the heaviest snowfall recorded for 74 years. The neighbours are freaking out.
    The folks across the road have a car port over their cars, and they still had to do some digging.

  2. Y wrote:
    Sendai had the heaviest snowfall recorded for 74 years….

    The Heaviest Snow in 45 Years in Tokyo | 2014-02-09
    Central Tokyo was left under 24 centimeters (9.4 inches) of snow this morning from yesterday’s downfall, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Public broadcaster NHK said the snowfall was the heaviest in 45 years.
    Other parts of greater Tokyo saw as much as 50 centimeters, a record for the region, the meteorological agency said. The weather disrupted flights and train services, and caused power outages across the region.

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