Y.A.M.H.H. in Japan!

Today in Japan is Y.A.M.H.H. (Yet Another Mysterious Horsepucky Holiday)…aka National Foundation Day (Wiki).
On February 11th, Japan celebrates their bogus national holiday, Kigensetsu , on which their first emperor, Jimmu—who is both Korean and way more mythical than King Arthur—lays claim to have created the nation of Nippon.
Here’s a typical celebration for today.

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2 thoughts on “Y.A.M.H.H. in Japan!”

  1. Oh come on dude. February 11th was the day when General MacArthur approved the draft and forced that new Constitution on Japan in 1946. However, the ever-sneaky Japanese made February 11th into a commemorative holiday for that forced Constitution in 1966 calling it National Foundation Day. The Japanese took out the overt references to the Emperor and Shinto (but everybody knows it’s just Kigensetsu, worship the Emperor/gods day).

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