Japanese snow dregs

The Northern two thirds of Japan is just digging out the dregs of the second monster snowstorm in as many weeks, which means it’s time for Yukidaruma/snowmen!

First off is an Osaka hairdresser showing off a breezy snow style for “Obahan” (middle-aged) ladies…

Wait a minute…there are barber snowmen too…too real and scary, hee, hee, hee.

ちょっと待って、床屋の雪だるまあまりにリアル過ぎて怖いんですけどwwww pic.twitter.com/1W51jQCXCl — おだしゅん@LINE吹き飛びました (@yamanote1390) February 14, 2014

However, those barber snowmen are nothing compared to what’s at the dentist!

japanese dentist's snowman
なにこの雪だるま。 くそおもろいやん♩(・Д・)ノ pic.twitter.com/fGRf8ho1x0 — hosaaaaato (@hosaton) February 14, 2014


I have covered the “alternative” uses for hairdresser practice mannequin heads several times before here on the 3Yen.
By law, Japanese beauty school students must practice several months on dummy heads before attempting to cut a person’s hair. This law leads to a huge number practice heads being thrown out as well as a lot of creative “repurposing” of creepy heads in Japan such as:
News on Japan – We Cut Heads
. . . We Cut Heads
. . . . . (3Yen / 2011-04-20)

. . . Haircut heads turn into ‘grow heads’
. . . . . (3Yen / 2011-02-03)

. . . Let’s kakashi/scarecrow!
. . . . . (3Yen / 2007-08-16)
Mannequin heads as a japanese scarecrows..

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7 thoughts on “Japanese snow dregs”

  1. And to be more traditional, check out this Yuki-daruma by Utagawa from his series:
    said-openComic Incidents at Famous Places in Edo [Tokyo] (Edo meisho dôke zukushi), No. 22, dog stealing a workman’s meal from a snow Daruma.said-closed
    Via ja.wikipedia.org… (in Japanese)

  2. photos of snow obahan and barber snow friends


    Meanwhile… I wonder what thought processes encourage some people (like the twatbuckets further down the street) to clear a patch in front of their house, then dump the cleared snow in the middle of the road where it forms one of those heaps which will take days to melt… A kei-vehicle could just slalom past, but anything else not built for rough conditions is going to have a nasty bump.

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    I have came across 18 spεlling faults.

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    I came across a few mistakes in your spam message for your grammar guide.
    I am sorry about those 18 spelling faults errors. For some damn reason, Japanese words don’t pass an English spell-check.
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