Cat Crap Cafe … only in Japan

Yummy! Now you can eat canned cat food served up by Japanese “maids” wearing brainwave-sucking Necomimi (3Yen 2011-05-06) cat ears for the ultimate kitty experience.


There’s a Cat Food Restaurant in Japan. It’s for Humans. | 2014feb21
My idea of a dinner out isn’t being served what looks like cat food by a feline waiter. But hey, that’s just me.
Tomorrow in Tokyo, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is opening "Restaurant Mon Petit," which is named after Mon Petit cat food
The restaurant is for a limited time only and will serve a full course French style meal that’s inspired by, um, cat food


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7 thoughts on “Cat Crap Cafe … only in Japan”

  1. Mmh, reminds me of Steak Tartare, which I haven’t had in ~two decades. Natsukashii!

    And, late in the party, back in the old days, when people were drunk enough, they wouldn’t feel the difference, when you put Whiskas on their sandwich instead of Tartare. :)

  2. Imagine, just for a moment if Japan had won WW2 and the whole entire world was now Japanese. Just imagine…O_o

  3. I would not be surprised if this actually becomes a reality soon! There are just too many FOB weaboos more than willing to do be “pet” for 900 yen per hour! ;)

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