Zipangu unzipped…

‘Zipangu’ zipangu one of the many zippy transliterations for ‘Japan’ including Zipang, Jipangu, Jipang, Cipangu, etc. (Wiki), has become unzipped!


First it was Japan’s super-secret ‘Zipper Ship’ (3Yen | 2010-12-15).

Now it’s the Japanese Unzipping Public Spaces (Colossal | 2014-02-25 ).

zipper artwork japan
Unzipping Public Spaces One Giant Zipper at a Time—Jun Kitagawa has been installing these giant zippers in public locations around Japan. These 2D and 3D artworksmore

See more at the artist’s official website: Work of art Kitagawa (Google Translate)

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2 thoughts on “Zipangu unzipped…”

  1. To loosely translate the words of the Zipper Ship’s creator Yasuhiro Suzuki:

    Loneliness of the past and those of the past summer.
    Remember the joy in warm weather,
    The blue sky will ease the cold of the wind….


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