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Will you be going to university with robots?

In a previous report we wondered:
said-openWill the über-prestigious Univ. of Tokyo be the 1st to admit A.I. robot students? said-closed(3Yen | 2013-08-22)

Increasingly, Japanese news reports say the answer is, Yes. | 2014 March 2nd


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7 Responses to “Will you be going to university with robots?”

  1. Tanner Leafed Says:

    I think some of my Japanese colleagues might be robots.

  2. derpus maximus Says:

    I think this is an SF horror manga by Hokazono Masaya who themes often follow the idea of a “lost high school girlfriend” — in this case recreated robot head of a lost high school girlfriend.

    Hokazono-Masay closeup

    Super enlarge (1000 X 831 px)

  3. Made in DNA (@idiotandroid)'s twitter Says:

    How do you happen to know the title of the manga?

  4. Taro Says:

    @idiotandroid wrote:
    How do you happen to know the title of the manga?

    I don’t know the title, but using Google Image Search I could find the author & his theme of (wishful) lost high school love.

    That is, Goggle Image Search led me to the original Tumbler post, that gave me manga artist’s name (Masaya Hokazono / ε€–θ–—ζ˜ŒδΉŸ), and that led me to Wiki information on the author’s recurring theme of lost first love.

    Additional references:

  5. fapgaijinfap Says:

    Wait. They have tentacle robots now?

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  6. BrettRossi Says:

    Can I discuss this on my twitter?

  7. Taro Says:

    BrettRossi wrote:
    Can I discuss this on my twitter?

    Sure, go ahead.

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