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In their new collaboration, Japanese air conditioner manufacturer, Daikin Industries and ‘Smart Car’ of Mercedes-Benz unveiled their “Smarpy” electric vehicle.
According to goofy Google Translate of (2014-Feb-28):
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At the “Knowledge Plaza” of the Grand Front complex of Daikin Industries in Osaka held a “Smart Fes! (Smart festival)” to unveiling the “Smart fortwo electric drive” the Smarpy, which is a collaboration “Pichon-kun” mascot of Daikin Industries and Mercedes Japan.

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  1. smart Electric Cars Turned into “Pichon-kun” Mascots in Japan | 2014-Mar-01
    So, who is this enigmatic little creature that smart felt needed to be on their cars in Japan? Well, here’s the description we found on Daikin’s website. We think it pretty much says it all!
    Introducing Pichonkun
    A mascot that will now represent the Daikin’s innovative thrust into the future. Called “Pichonkun”, the new mascot of Daikin is so named because of the sound it makes. Created in Japan, this dew droplet represents the “fresh as morning nature” of Daikin’s new range of air conditioners and air-purifiers. Pichon-kun symbolises the best of nature — fresh, natural and eco-friendly.
    Date of Birth: Since water existed on Earth
    Age: I’ve forgotten!
    Sex: I refer to myself as male but really I don’t know
    Address: All over the world
    Occupation: To appear in TV commercials for Daikin
    Vital Stats: About 15cm tall
    My head is a bit big and heavy so I tend to hunch.
    Because of the shape of my head, some people say
    I look like an alien.
    Personality: Carefree, I go at my own pace.

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  3. who created Pichokun?
    where did your idea about Pichokun start from?
    why do Daikin company chose Pichokun to represent them?
    thank you very much!. :)

  4. Lê Thị ái Nhi wrote:
    who created Pichokun?

    The animation artist, Fumiko Magasato ↑ (website), created Pichon-kun in 2000. She has been active in stop-motion animation (also called puppet animation or clay animation) since the late 1950s. Fumiko Magasato is most famous internationally for her TV commercials for “CONTACT” brand cold medicine.
    Contact-Cold medicine

    where did your idea about Pichokun start from?

    I was intrigued when I first saw Pichon-kun’s Japanese TV commercial with Vivian Hsu ↑ in the year 2000 (watch the commercial below). Later I saw the Pichon-kun automobile on the streets Tokyo.

    why do Daikin company chose Pichokun to represent them?

    Daikin Industries choose Pichon-kun as a mascot to personify water droplets—humudifying/dehumidfying is an important feature of Daikin air conditioning. According to the Daikin website, Pichon-kun, left_quoter_14x24Not only conveys the humidification function but also fosters the sense of closeness to the air conditioning business in general, which in recent years the character conveys clearly Daikin’s eco activities.right_quoter_13x24

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