Robo Squatmobile … from Japan of course

keitai cellphone money down the toilet mobile waste
Squat toilets (L) are the bane of my existence here in Japan. My cellphone or wallet is aways falling out and plopping into my own plop, arrrg.
Today, however, I have learned of a remoted-controlled “Robo Squatmobile” (below) that will serve me rather than my poop’s evil intentions. ↓

Remote Controlled Toilet to help you move items — Yuki Rinkya (@rinkya) March 6, 2014

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japanese toilet habits


The topmost photo by Nemo’s great uncle, on Flickr
creative commons some rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “Robo Squatmobile … from Japan of course”

  1. It is truly wonderful to see Japan now back to normal.

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