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‘Japanese only’ — except for the players and coach

J-League football club Urawa Reds put out a big welcome at their soccer stadium Saturday, the 8th. The Reds had this banner hung over their supporter entrance (even though their coach is Serbian and the team has alien players on their roister).

photographs of the ‘Japanese Only’ banner went viral on Saturday with it believed to be aimed at foreign tourists

Fittingly, the Urawa Reds were losers, 0-1.


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8 Responses to “‘Japanese only’ — except for the players and coach”

  1. choko Says:

    Well……at least they had the sense to write it in gaijin-go/engrish instead of Japanese Kanji?

  2. Forever Along Guy (F.A.G.) Says:

    It is truly great to see Japan is getting back to normal.

  3. Y (quoted) Says:

    Sportsmanship at its finest.

    Just reading through some of the comments in the media about this, and the vast majority of Japanese seem to think it’s discriminatory and insulting.

    The Urawa Reds are officially “looking into it” (translation: trying to come up with a plausible excuse).

  4. Space Cowboy, Gangster of Love, and Maurice Says:

    I’m glad racist football fans aren’t limited to England, Russia, Italy, and the like. (^o^)

  5. dailyrice Says:

    Oh yeah! Japan in 2018 should be loads of fun, fun, FUUUN!!! :)

  6. Yoko Hamamama Says:

    We Marinos fans decided to show racism the red card!


  7. kataoka_k Says:

    It’s “JAPANESE ONLY” all over again—Peaceful resident aliens were ejected from a Japanese baseball game yesterday!


    片岡K ‏@kataoka_k : NHK野球中継で面白いプレー来た。

  8. TokyoTimes Says:

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