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Happy birthday Kumamon!

Kumamon, the yurukyara/”loose character” mascot bear of Kumamoto Prefecture, is having his fourth birthday today and stealing all the attention from that hyperactive yellow showoff, Funasshi, the pear mascot (3Yen 2013-07-03) of Funabashi city (See).

Happy birthday to Kumamon, Japan’s favorite regional bear
The Japan Times | March 6, 2014
Kumamon—a cute red-cheeked black bear— has arguably become one of the hottest yurukyara
on March 12, Kumamoto Prefecture is celebrating his birthday with a five-day Kumamon Tanjosai (birthday festival)…m0Ar!…


Other Kumamon mascot news covered before on the 3Yen includes:
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3 Responses to “Happy birthday Kumamon!”

  1. Mulboyne (via) Says:

    Kooky Kumamon makes his kabuki debut..
    Kumamon makes his kabuki debut:  on Twitpic

  2. Taro Says:


    Barely-a-bear Kumamon could be the next faker to shock Japan
    The Japan Times | 2014/03/07
    a prominent zoologist wrote an op-ed article in a Japanese newspaper suggesting Kumamon was a fraud. You’re probably thinking, “WTF?”— “Why the fraud?”
    Suspicions arose when, on an Asiana Airlines international flight, the flight attendant noticed the ticketed bear wasn’t on board and that instead, a human was sitting in Kumamon’s designated seat. The fur costume had apparently been stowed in his check-in baggage.
    In his article, the zoologist noted that Kumamon had abandoned the diurnal instincts of a normal bear and that he was no longer hibernating in winter, suggestions indicating the unthinkable: that he was really just a human inside a suit
          {big snip}
    “Kumamon is deeply sorry as he has betrayed and disappointed his fans,” the prefecture said in a statement released along with a photo of the costumed bear bowing deeply.

  3. Taro Says:

    Kumamon vs Funasshii!

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