A fishy looking Japanese train or…?

Is this a fishy looking train or a trainny looking fish?

E7系なぁ…結構好きだけど、完全にブリカツくんなんだよなぁ… pic.twitter.com/kukKDWjUyO— 篠 (@boowy0316) March 14, 2014

Separated at Birth?
The top photo shows the E7-Series Shinkansen/bullet train (Wiki) and the bottom is the “loose character”*, Burikatsu-kun, of Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture. Burikatsu is Japanese Yellow-tail that is a favorite fish that Niigata promotes with the expert loose help of their Burikatsu-kun mascot. Check out the Burikatsu-kun image collection and also his official website: burikatsu.com.

*Loose character‘ aka Yuru-Chara is a Japanese abbreviation
of Yurui/loose-character_yuruchara meaning ‘loose’, ‘B-list’, or
‘unsophisticated’ andCharafor character.

Some of the many other 3Yen reports of Japan’s so-called loose characters include:
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katuoningen4fishy fish head ..

And speaking of severed fish heads (see the Comments section)

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