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Because? …because Japan

As part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2014 Autumn/Winter, the Japanese fashion house, alice auaa, put on an entertaining show at the Shibuya Hikarie complex on March 21st…


Designer Yasutaka Funakoshi—shown below with a leather tassel hanging—takes a bow on the runway. On his website, Yasutaka Funakoshi explains “because” as
left_long quotebar 24x260px
alice auaa designs do not merely categorize duality, such as beauty and ugliness, and light and shadow, through a decadent and surreal filter based on the color black, but rather convey a mode of avant-garde and romanticism based on the endless motif of the time of life in everything (creation from destruction), and the elegance and eroticism that dwells in incommodiousness.


Remember: That’s just a leather tassel hanging—nothing more.


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7 Responses to “Because? …because Japan”

  1. Coligny Says:

    D00d, still much lunch safe than the 2012 trainwreck…

    Click to view the originals and m0aR.
    Jenny Fax 2012 A/W

    wedgies, tranny land monsters… we barbarians can’t understand the subtleties of the japanese superior race…

  2. y Says:

    Designer Yasutaka Funakoshi wrote:
    the elegance and eroticism that dwells in incommodiousness

    There’s neither elegance nor eroticism dwelling in my commode.

  3. MARKed TRAIL (via email) Says:

    I made an animated triptych of that which, “dwells in incommodiousness.”
    tokyo fashion triptych  animated

  4. Dave Says:

    Fashion Is

  5. Taro Says:

    Fashion Is

    Nah, fashion is fun (even when it is, “meant to be quite dark” ).

    Pior art
    man fashion
    Since 2005, the MAN fashion house has, “meant to be quite dark.” —via

  6. Johnny Yen Says:

    BWAHAHA! For the low price of $800 we’ll frame a small garage on your head! :D

  7. skinjob Says:

    What a commentary of un-ambiguity, and it’s a preservation of precious know-how about unpredicted emotional weaseldinks.

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