Because? …because Japan

As part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2014 Autumn/Winter, the Japanese fashion house, alice auaa, put on an entertaining show at the Shibuya Hikarie complex on March 21st…


Designer Yasutaka Funakoshi—shown below with a leather tassel hanging—takes a bow on the runway. On his website, Yasutaka Funakoshi explains “because” as
left_long quotebar 24x260px
alice auaa designs do not merely categorize duality, such as beauty and ugliness, and light and shadow, through a decadent and surreal filter based on the color black, but rather convey a mode of avant-garde and romanticism based on the endless motif of the time of life in everything (creation from destruction), and the elegance and eroticism that dwells in incommodiousness.


Remember: That’s just a leather tassel hanging—nothing more.

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7 thoughts on “Because? …because Japan”

  1. Designer Yasutaka Funakoshi wrote:
    the elegance and eroticism that dwells in incommodiousness

    There’s neither elegance nor eroticism dwelling in my commode.

  2. I made an animated triptych of that which, “dwells in incommodiousness.”
    tokyo fashion triptych  animated

  3. BWAHAHA! For the low price of $800 we’ll frame a small garage on your head! :D

  4. What a commentary of un-ambiguity, and it’s a preservation of precious know-how about unpredicted emotional weaseldinks.

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