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Go, go, GMO girl!

said-openI can’t help but think of Genetically Modified Organism when I see these posters every morning.said-closed

GMO-girl (@JapanBlogList) March 26, 2014

gmo for everyone


Despite what it looks like in these posters, Yuka Nakayama (中山由香) is not advertising genetically modified foods—She’s a genetically‑modified “campaign girl (girl model featured in an advertising campaign)” for a online foreign exchange brokerage, GMO CLICK Securities—”GMO” stands for Global Media Online.

Supposedly, GMO CLICK is Number 1 in the user-friendliness of their trading tools for FX beginners, but their TV commercials stress the value of Yuka Nakayama as GMO’s zombie fighting, go-go girl. (Note the transexual, gaijin zombie at the 56-second point of the video.)


See more videos of GMO’s transexual gaijin zombies and islander cannibals too in the COMMENTS section.


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2 Responses to “Go, go, GMO girl!”

  1. Taro Says:

    Check out these additional videos of GMO’s transexual zombies as well as islander cannibals!

    The islander cannibal dialog is:
    “Click, click! Buy, buy! Kabu?”
    (Kabu is a Japanese homonym for both ‘turnip’ and ’stocks/securities’.)

  2. Coligny Says:

    Pr0n of the dead…

    Dialogues and intrigue a bit lacking though…

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