Shark lover, Japanese style

While not as exciting as the Japanese woman wants to give birth to a shark (3Yen / 2013-05-18), I stumbled across this charming shark journalist, Asako Numaguchi, who is a self-described “bleeding” shark lover—literally.
Learn more about this shark aficionado with a Masters degree in Marine studies from Tokai University thanks to wonders of goofy Google Translate…
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“In love with sharks” by Asako Numaguchi
1sMedia Network / March 27, 2014
I always wear a necklace made of shark teeth…are so sharp that as I sleep at night, the teeth cut me as they slide across my neck. While I toss at night, I feel sort of an itchiness around my neck, and … oh, I find blood…I can only guess the size of the wound on the neck and smile.
These shark teeth are a talisman for me: I never take off my necklace. So, a bloody neck…is not that uncommon for shark lovers like me. I’m always charmed by the brilliant sharpness of shark teeth...more.

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