His earrings are golden.


His name is Eijiroh Miyamae (age 80), aka Boshi Ojisan (“Hat Man”) or Harajuku Ojisan (harajuku-ojisan). Some people say he used to be a postman but he always wanted to be an actor. Others say he is a true artist, of the Outsider/Intuitive School:
    • Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne*


Miyama, Eijiro (1934), Japan
Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne
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Eijiro Miyama was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan. A loner, he never married and has always led a wandering sort of existence. He has had various jobs, notably as a day labourer in the construction industry and as a lorry driver. When he was around fifty-five, he settled in one of the boarding houses for impoverished working men in Yokohama’s Kotobuki district
One day, about ten years ago, Eijiro Miyama walked around with a cup of instant noodles on his head. People turned to stare as he went by. This act, provocative and liberating, gave him a huge feeling of exaltation. He gradually created eccentric headgear that he adorned with toys and sundry objects found discarded at flea marketscontinues

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11 thoughts on “Golden”

  1. WOT DA FUQUE?!?! The dude’s got goldfish bowls on his head, a mobile-home bicycle and his memoirs written on his back. And what is it with all that zombo com stuff? I think that the obvious question here is ‘Has science gone too far?’

  2. strange-manJapanese Strange man teach you that you are strange by serious political message
    April 2014 |

    This strange man is not strange. Strange man is you who think he is strange without knowing his message…he is put his message board on his back.

    this message board says,

    Who destroy earth? elephant? Lion? wolf? hyaena? whale? Shachi? Shark? or jellyfish?

    Hold on; is it the animal that stands with two legs?

    this animal seems to be clever. but they pursuit pleasure.
    they must be perpetrator who destroys earth.

    bla bla bla.

    be summarized as follows that

    Stop destroy environment, save earth!

    this is his message.


  3. goldfishy-640x480

    Street Portraits of Tokyo by Tatsuo Suzuki
    April 18, 2014 |
    Japanese photographer Tatsuo Suzuki is a native resident of Tokyo. He was born and raised in the area of Kamata, and now he tries as much as he can to show his love to his hometown.
    Tatsuo Suzuki will celebrate his 50th anniversary next year.



  4. cat-batmancool_story__bro I once ate 256 live goldfish in a contest, and only got 2nd prize. The difficult part was catching them and making sure they went down headfirst (so their dorsal fins don’t rip your esophagus).

  5. …and then she would wake up. She would brush her teeth and comb her hair quietly. The whole house is quiet. She goes to the kitchen, walking quietly in her slippers. She looks around the clean quiet kitchen. The gold fish swims quietly in a huge brandy snifter. She goes to the drawer of knives. She has never used this one. It is still as sharp as the day she purchased it. She takes it quietly out of the drawer and looks at the gold fish, Mr. Bubbles. The hatred is still there. This is now her only outlet.

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