Kumamon did it!

bird_flu_text H5-type bird flu discovered at two Kumamoto farms
Japan Times | Apr. 13, 2014
The agriculture ministry announced Sunday a suspected outbreak of bird flu that killed at least 1,100 chickens at a farm in Taragi, Kumamoto Prefecture, prompting the prefectural government to order the culling of 112,000 chickensmore

As shown in the scandalous photo below, Kumamon (3Yen / 2013-11-13) the mascot bear of Kumamoto Prefecture must have caused this outbreak of H5 Avian Flu.

No doubt that Kumamon consorting in unnatural ways with young Kumamoto chicks like “Hiyoko-chan” (R), packaged Chicken Ramen mascot.

Also refer to the previous 3Yen report about Nissin Corporation’s Chikin Ramen®:
Hot, quick, [sic] chikin (3Yen / 2011-08-26)

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