Antonio Inoki died for our sins

Hey, it’s Good Friday — Antonio Inoki has gone on the Cross for your sins.

easter entrance on the cross Antonio-Inoki

The Easter-ish looking MMA–Mixed Martial Arts entrance is by Antonio Inoki, the first pro-wrestler in Japan to be elected to the Japanese parliament (3Yen 2005-07-11). Details are explained by the blog, Playing Ricky Morton
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a New Year’s Eve MMA cards from Japan, Dream Genki Desu Ka… this was an evening of MMA.
After a worked match between Josh Barnett and Hideki Suzuki, Inoki was carried from the entrance ramp to the ring tied to a cross. Upon reaching the ring, he was let down from the cross and picked up a bucket of paint. Inoki begins to paint some Japanese symbol in the ring while cutting a promo simultaneously, possibly to mark another one of his retirements. This is interrupted by a run-in committee of guys in turbans who start beating Inoki down with kendo sticks, apologize, raise his hand in victory and then give him a kendo stick before leaving the ring peacefully.

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6 thoughts on “Antonio Inoki died for our sins”

  1. Also in today’s Easter theme…


    Easter, that’s a weird tradition.
    Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead. What should we do?
        How ’bout eggs?
    Well, what does that have to do with Jesus?
        All right, we’ll hide ‘em.
    I don’t follow your logic.
        Don’t worry. There’s a bunny.

            — Jim Gaffigan
  2. OH MY GOD–They killed Kenny!


    Dearest, please insert my photo and Youtube, ok?

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