Bag hag’s Boston Bag

Thinkbay®‘s Cute Dog Handbag
, which they refer to by the more-than-a-mouthful term, said-openCrossbody Clutch Purse Shoulder Bag Cartoon Puppy Satchel,said-closed is quite remarkable.

More remarkable is the alien bag hag (urban dictionary) shown below modeling their Boston Bull (Wiki) bag.

Thinkbay® Cute Dog Handbag Crossbody Clutch Purse Shoulder Bag Cartoon Puppy Satchel
Available on

Although Thinkbay®‘s designs appeal to Japan tastes and their advertising features Japanese text, Thinkbay describes themselves as,
said-opena little team with five young guys who are full-time working on eBay,said-closed out of Hong Kong. Therefore the alien bag hag could just be an example of over-the-top Chinese plastic surgery.


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