Sunday’s Super-sentai sins on the Cross?

supersentai yellow ranger on the cross
full view

It’s Easter Sunday and…
            …Yellow Goranger has died for your sins.
That is, Yellow Ranger—Gokai Yellow (ゴーカイイエロー Gokai Iero) is shown being crucified in the first Goranger movie.
Learn more about the strange history of the Sentai and Crucifixion at Sean Akizuki’s Super Sentai Blog.

Gokai Yellow, R.I.P.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Super-sentai sins on the Cross?”

  1. Verily, verily I say onto to you:
    Ultraman died for your sins.
    Repent, be saved and buy now….


    The Ultra Crucifixion was also spotted at the “Monster Saloon”
    ultra crucifixion
    Google Translate:

    ” Monster Saloon” is to open for earthlings starting March 14, 2014 at the NOF Kawasaki building.

    Mo’ betta…
    Let’s be sacrilegiously Japanese with this NSFW (Not Safe For Work) p0rn version of the Crucifixion of Ultraman.

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