Final folly of the Orochi

Mitsuoka Motors, Japan’s tenth largest auto manufacturer that nobody has heard of, has called it quits with their “Final Orochi” SNAKE-EYES supercar
(3Yen / 2006-10-04)

Mitsuoka calls it a “Fashion-Super Car” (Wiki) but it’s routinely referred to in the press as the “World’s Ugliest Car.” According to, this final version will carry a final price of 1.27 million yen ($123,945 USD) and Mitsuoka will close Orochi production this September.

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8 thoughts on “Final folly of the Orochi”

  1. WOT!? The Mitsuoka Orochi looks like seks on wheels…
    It’s japanese superior race design that we barbarians can’t appreciate…

  2. Mitsuoka Motors, makers of ‘The World’s Ugliest Car’, will call it quits next fall on their Orochi

    Usually, Mitsuoka stop producing a car when the maker of the platform it’s based on stop its own production. So Honda lineup evolution killed this one…

    I wouldn’t mind having one… And still crave for the Mitsuoka Le Seyde…

  3. noriyaro mitsuoka le seyde drift

    Only, for people who don’t share my luck of being married to Miss Daisy

    (usual behaviour for a car based on the Nissan Silvia)

    inspired by the Japanese Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series…the low and wide stance of the Mitsuoka Orochi gives it the appearance of a super car, but in fact it is a practical and efficient car powered by a 230 horsepower Toyota V6. The Orochi is probably what a Camry looks like if you consume an inordinate amount of LSD!
    … you can buy a Orochi Evangelion at your local 7-Eleven for 16,000,000 Yen [$135,702 USD] more...

  5. A Shocking Number of People Want This Fugly Anime Car Dec. 3, 2014
    This isn’t only the most hideous car offered for sale this year on the planet Earth, but also expensive and rare. There’s only one of these cars in existence. And nearly six hundred people put in orders to buy it at 7-Elevens in JapanPriced at 16 million yen (US$134,000)
    The 588 orders will be entered into a raffle later this month, giving one lucky (?) winner a chance to part with over a one hundred thousand bucks to buy this car. That is, a car that looks like it's covered in alien barf.

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