Japan’s Tenga temptations are in the pocket

The TENGA© men’s masturbation devices have been one few new export successes for Japan in the health industry and for many years running it has helped Japan beat off all challengers to its title as the World’s Greatest Wankers at the Masturbateathon (3Yen / 2008-05-30).
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Treats from Tenga to tempt pocket pool players
The Tokyo Reporter | 2014/04/28
on May 1, Tenga will issue the Pocket Tenga line of lubricated sleeves in three varieties, with each containing a unique textured pattern on the inner surface: Wave Line (gentle undulations)...more...

tenga.co.jp/campaign/pocket (Bing Translate)


A few of the many previous Tenga reports on the 3Yen include:
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  1. Dayum! I fap two – three times a day and thought that was a lot. Dude faps at the thought of fappin’. Dayum!

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