Japan’s newest holiday — ‘Dew Day’?

Right now Japan is in the middle of Yet Another Mysterious Japanese National Holiday, “Golden Week”—a string of Japanese national holidays that stretch from April 28 to May 6 (3Yen / 2010-05-01).

Japan’s newest holiday Mountain Day gets approval
Japan Today : Apr. 30, 2014
The Lower House of the Diet has passed an amendment to the nation’s Holiday Act which includes a new public holiday, Mountain Day (Yama no Hi)more


The real rest-of-the-story is that “Mountain Day” is another just another corporate excuse for layoffs and save money. Since more than 40% of Japan’s workers are on “part-time” and subcontracts, all holidays are unpaid. All these so-called “holidays” mean for the ever-growing numbers of poor office temps is yet another day without pay. Basically, it’s a 20-30% pay cut in the month due to all the holidays (since Japanese workers expected to make up for all the lost work with unpaid overtime).

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