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Your Japanese bartender now offers ‘Mermaid-on-the-rocks’

skull in ice cube

Subliminal advertising, the fun idea that advertisers secretly embed images of breasts, skulls (R)
and other stimulating stuff in ads, has be kicking around since the 1950s (Wiki).

Suntory is gone “bliminal” in their advertising seduction.
Rather than merely trying to sneak provocative images into the photos of their ice cubes, Suntory is using a computer-guided milling robot to create ice mermaids in your whisky as explained the video below and on their official website “3D on the Rocks” (


Suntory Gallery / 3D on the Rocks, Mermaid


And remember what sayeth the Buddha, Bill Murray:

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.©

Suntory time


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2 Responses to “Your Japanese bartender now offers ‘Mermaid-on-the-rocks’”

  1. Mr. T Says:

    More info…

    “Subliminal” Advertising
    Advertising Educational Foundation | ADText Unit 03
    the story of subliminal advertising in America. It’s a story that has been told over and over but not without frightening the public, making advertisers angry, and increasing the general level of suspicion and distrust of the advertising industry
    The Furor over Subliminal Perception
    Early in 1958, Life magazine described “hidden” selling techniques in basic layman’s terms to its extensive readership — images that flash too quickly for the conscious mind but nonetheless register unconsciously. It went on to suggest that several repetitions of such messages could affect a person’s actions.

  2. Yuumi loves you Says:

    I prefer this ice cube for my drink, don’t you? (^_~)
    titanic on ice

    Please insert my photo, ok?

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